A/C Filling Station 220V fully automatic AC98EA

The AC98EA fully automatic air conditioning service unit is a high-quality device for servicing automotive air conditioning systems in specialist workshops. The fully automatic air conditioning service is efficient, fast and meets the requirements of SAE J 2099. The recovery of >95% of the refrigerant enables cost-effective work and protects the environment. The strikingly high-quality and robust workmanship is designed for many years of intensive use in the specialist workshop.




  • R134a - Refrigerant service
  • 3x containers (UV contrast agent / PAG fresh oil / waste oil)
  • ~1400 vehicle model DATABASE on updateable SD card
  • 7'' Bright LCD Touch Display
  • Easy to use, powerful, wide range of functions
  • An actively cooled vacuum pump ensures rapid evacuation of the system in 2-stage operation.
  • The precise and maintenance-free solenoid valves control the oil and refrigerant transport.
  • A high-quality German PTB-certified load cell guarantees the correct filling of the A/C system and a gram-accurate accounting of the refrigerant charge.


Filling Instruction: We recommend to load the working tank with 6 Kg of R134a


Automatic Operations

  •     easy and quick to use thanks to the 7'' LCD touch display
  •     bright display allows working in dark places
  •     graphic instructions ensure proper use of the machine
  •     fully automatic process to avoid operator errors
  •     1400 vehicles integrated in the database, update via SD card
  •     automatic leak test by vacuum test
  •     over 95% recovery of the refrigerant from the vehicle according to SAE J 2788
  •     automatic UV contrast agent charging as standard
  •     exact refrigerant charging by high precision electronic scale
  •     thermal printer for logging air conditioning service included as standard
  •     smooth-running, mobile and quiet thanks to solid rubber tires
  •     solid high quality workmanship with 115Kg own weight
  •     large front compartment to store the hoses
  •     power cable 3m / hose length 2m
  •     automatic self-diagnosis and status check of the A/C service unit
  •     change of the filter dryer only after approx. 80 kg refrigerant passage
  •     Oil change at the vacuum pump after approx. 100 operating hours
  •     Automatic reminder for maintenance work based on consumption-related measured values
  •     Low service and maintenance costs thanks to easy access to internal assemblies




For refrigerants R134a 
SKU number AC98EA
Input voltage (AC) 220-240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Screen LCD 7'' capacitive touch HQ
Menu guide intuitive touch
Vehicle database ~1400 vehicles
Database update via SD card
PAG fresh oil tank 250ml
PAG used oil container 250ml
UV contrast agent container 250ml
Printer Yes
Power cord 3m
Hoses 2m (J2196)
Heating tape Optional
Working temperature 5-50°C
Maximum pressure 18bar
G.W. 115kg
Package size 60x70x115cm

Recovery / Recycling

Vacuum pump capacity 4 cars/h 
Power of the hermetic compressor 0.275 KW ~ 1/3 HP
Fan & condenser Yes
Vacuum pump 120 L/min 2-stage
Refrigerant capacity 14.6 Kg
Dry filter FG302
Dry filter capacity 80.00 kg
Vacuum pump VPD230
Vacuum pump oil 330ml
Vacuum pump service ~ 100 h
Refrigerant recycling rate SAE J 2788 > 95% 
Can be used as a diagnostic tool No 
Purity of the recovered refrigerant SAE J 2099 Yes 
Recovery rate of the refrigerant 30.00 kg/h

Automatic / Manual Processes

Analysis of the refrigerant No
Recovery/Recycling Automatic 
Exhausting non-condensable gases Automatic 
Drain used oil Automatic 
Evacuation Automatic 
Vacuum check Automatic 
Nitrogen leak check No 
Injection of leak detection agent Automatic 
Injection of oil into the A/Cir conditioner Automatic 
Refrigerant charging Automatic 

Control panel

High/low pressure indicated by Manometer 
Vacuum indicated by Display 
Process indicated by Display 
Option to set evacuation time Yes 
Log printing option Yes 
Gas load cell +/- 1g / 30kg
Oil load cell +/- 1g / 1kg