ATF Changer 220V Automatic w. Database ATF92EA


Fully automatic transmission service station

  • Suitable for all automatic transmission types and vehicle brands
  • 29 universal adapters included  + 86 special adapter cases optionally available
  • Comprehensive vehicle database
  • 10''/25.4cm high brightness touch LCD display
  • Easy to use, SPANISH o. ENGLISH menu, wide range of functions

The properties of the oil and coolant used in an automatic transmission deteriorate over time. If the transmission oil is not changed in time, its function as a transmission fluid is no longer fully guaranteed. This has a very negative effect on the transmission properties. Due to design problems, it is not always possible to drain off the entire quantity of fluid when changing the transmission oil manually.

The ATF92EA is a fully automatic and high quality transmission service station for the maintenance and replacement of gearboxoil in the professional workshop. Due to design problems, it is usually not possible to drain the entire transmission oil. Our fully automatic ATF92EA transmission oil exchanger can be used to replace transmission oil, torque converter fluid and transmission fluid in the shortest possible time, at low cost, safely and with little effort.
A bright 10'' touch LCD screen and the German menu guidance makes the work comfortable and easy. An integrated vehicle database facilitates the use of the device additionally. After entering or selecting the working parameters from the vehicle database, the automatic transmission change is performed automatically.

In a first step, deposits are suspended by a special cleaning program. Then the old oil is pumped out and flushed with fresh oil. The functions naturally include automatic flow tracking to prevent overfilling or underfilling of the vehicle transmission. The device also assists the user in selecting the appropriate amount of oil, provides practical installation instructions through real images, and recommends the appropriate connection adapter. By using the device, the amount of gear oil required is significantly reduced. Thus, the ATF92EA enables fast, safe as well as environmentally friendly work.
The strikingly high-quality and robust workmanship is designed for many years of intensive use in the workshop. The professional adapter case ATF86AD with 86 special adapters, for all common vehicles and extensive documentation, is the optimal and indispensable complement for the professional workshop. An adapter case with 29 universal adapters is also included.




Automatic functions

  • Selecting the amount of oil from the vehicle database
  • Fully automatic detection of inlet and outlet direction of the oil
  • Automatic adjustment of pumping direction
  • Automatic cycle operation for suspension of debris
  • Separation/filtration of impurities in the pre-filter
  • Fully automatic flushing and replacement of the old oil for all automatic transmission types for all vehicle brands
  • High precision electronic flow rate detection
  • Guaranteed equal oil exchange to prevent over-/underfilling
  • Significantly reduces the consumption of gear oil
  • Signals the completion of the oil change

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Via the database you can easily select the vehicle. In the database, the required oil quantity for the change + the recommended flushing quantity is already stored. After the vehicle selection, you can manually change the flushing oil quantity as desired. In the next step, the device recommends the required special adapter for the selected vehicle. To simplify the work, the device also shows the work location and the approximate connection to the vehicle with a reference image from the workshop. The database is included, already installed on the device and free to use. The scope of delivery includes 29 universal adapters which can be used to change oil on all vehicles. To do the job cleanly, quickly and easily in workshop quality, our 86 special adapters case is recommanded and additonally available.

The cleaning of the gearbox is done by 2 mechanisms. First, the ATF92EA pumps the transmission oil for 20min in a circuit. During this process, the oil is passed through an oil filter and dirt >5 micron is removed. For normally maintained gearboxes this is perfectly sufficient.

Gearboxes where the recommended change interval is significantly exceeded are usually much more contaminated. For such vehicles, we recommend the additional use of a transmission oil cleaner additive. The additive can be pumped into the gearbox with the ATF92EA. In closed loop operation the additive helps to loosen the dirt additionally.

Due to the design, only about 20-50% of the old automatic transmission oil can be drained. Therefore, the ATF92EA cleans in a second step by flushing with fresh oil. For torque converter automatic transmissions 3-4 liters, for CVT and DSG transmissions 2-3 liters are recommended for flushing only. In the database of the ATF92EA the transmission fill quantities incl. the recommended flushing quantities are stored.



  • 10'' touch display with intuitive Spanish/ English menu guidance
  • Luminous display enables working in dark places
  • Graphical prompts ensure proper use
  • Comprehensive vehicle database
  • Fully automatic transmission change
  • Fully automatic sequence to avoid operator errors
  • Display of assembly instructions through real images
  • Recommendation of the appropriate special adapter
  • Automatic check for sufficiently filled fresh tank by integrated scale
  • Flow-controlled equal oil exchange to ensure correct oil filling quantity
  • Lighted viewing window for oil inlet and outlet
  • Optical indication of transmission oil pressure
  • Quick Oil filling port at the right side
  • Easy filling with fresh gearoil via the quick oil filling port
  • hose storage at the left side
  • Lightweight, maneuverable and quiet thanks to swiveling smooth-rolling casters
  • Power cord 2.5m / hose length 2.5m
  • Low service and maintenance costs thanks to the easy traction of internal assemblies
  • Solid high quality workmanship with 50Kg dead weight
  • 86 Special and 29 Universal ATF adapters included
  • Improve the performance of the vehicle transmission
  • Compliance with the prescribed replacement intervals can extend the life of the transmission


86 Spezialadapter Übersicht





suitable for All available oils
SKU number ATF92EA
Input voltage (AC) 220-240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Screen diagonal 10''/25.4cm capacitive LCD display
Menu guide choice of Spanish or English
Vehicle database >1000 vehicles
Database update üvia USB connection;
Fresh oil tank 20L
Old oil tank 20L
Prefilter 5µm
Maintenance Annual filter change
Printer Not available
Power cord 2.5m
Hoses 2.5m
Working temperature -10 to 40°C
Pump power 150W
Net/gross weight 50kg/65Kg
Package dimension 55x65x100cm


Flow direction detection Automatic
Pump flow direction Automatic
Oil drain Automatic
Cleaning program Automatic
Flushing Automatic
Oil filling Automatic
Filling level control Flow measurement
Filling accuracy +-0.01L

More details

comfort oil inlet Quick Oil Filling Port
Lighted viewing window inlet/outlet pipe Available (suitable for dark places)
Öl pressure indicator Inlet/outlet side
oil pressure measurement 0-16 bar
Inlet/outlet line 2.5m
Comfort old oil disposal Drain hose 1.5m
Noise development < 70db (kettle)
Steerability 4 easy-roll wheels
Power cord 2.5m
Included Universal adapter 29 pcs.