Oil Changer Professional
pneumatic 3197H

Mobile pneumatic oil change unit 3197H for sucking off and collecting waste oil through the oil filling opening with a probe, as well as in the conventional way through the oil drain. Suitable for professional and quick removal of waste oil from the engine and gearbox.
The Unit is powered with compressed air at pressures of 1 to 8 bar. Due to a vacuum the waste oil can be pumped out safely and rapidly.  The 10L antechamber out of robust polycarbonat is designed for checking the quality and quantity of the collected waste oil. The waste oil is collected in a 90L tank. The height-adjustable, large funnel with integrated sieve prevents oil splashes. Suitable for gas stations, garages as there is no source of ignition sparks.



Technical Details

operation pressure 1 to 8 bar
Air Consumption 150 L/min
working temp. 40-60°C
Funnel with integrated sieve 16L
antechamber volume 10L
tank volume 90L
size 550x500x1500mm
weight 35Kg
incl. 5 Probes