9909 Copper Past Spray

Copper Past comes with outstanding anti-corrosion and lubrication properties, is designed to remove the main causes of braking noise as well as avoid the seizing of components. Keeps its properties up to 1100°C and guarantees problem free disassembly of connections after long-term operation. Suitable for brake-system, exhaust, heat exchanger, boiler, turbines, hinges, joints, screws, etc.


  • eliminates squeaks
  • long-term corrosion protection
  • resistant to hot water, salt water and splash water
  • prevents transmission of vibration
  • universal application
  • protects from welding and seizing
  • lubricant and release effect
  • high bond strength
  • resistant to acceleration forces
  • outstanding thermal stability


Anti-Noise during repairs and service of brake pads, as well as corrosion protection and lubrication of components. Lubrication and separation protection before fusion, seizing of components under high thermal load. Clean the parts to be treated and apply an appropriate amount.

Available in

400 ML aerosol – REF. 9909