9999 Ultimax Professional Fuel System Cleaner

IN & OUT PETROL CLEANER is a professional product of a new generation with a double field of action in DI and IDI petrol engines:

  • Cleans actively the entire fuel and injection system.
  • It will effectively deep clean the combustion chambers, exhaust system, turbo charger, particle filter and the catalytic converter.


  • Optimization of engine performance.
  • Smoother engine running.
  • Fuel savings.
  • Reduction of smoke and CO2 emissions.
  • Improved engine reliability.
  • Increased power and dynamics.
  • Trouble-free functioning of the catalytic system.


  • Cleans and protects injectors, valves and the entire fuel system intensively.
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion.
  • Protects the fuel from oxidation and degradation.
  • Lubricates injection system and pumps.
  • Protects the intake system and EGR-valve from deposits.
  • Restores the proper functioning of the turbo compressor.
  • Higher octane number.


  • For daily performance and preventive use.
  • For all types of petrol engines (DI and IDI). The treatment doesn’t require any disassembly.
  • It is highly to clean the fuel and injection system each 30.000 km or at least once a year.
  • E10 fuel compatible.


Add the content (1L) to the tank containing 30L to 45L of fuel. Drive the vehicle at high load and high revs (>4000 rpm) in order to heat the engine and exhaust system.


  • Physical state:                          liquid
  • Colour:                                     dark brown
  • Odor:                                       characteristic
  • Melting Point:                           < 0 °C
  • Initial boiling point and range:    55 °C < V < 78 °C
  • Flashpoint:                               < -18 °C
  • 1l can (6 x 1l/carton)