9944 Shining solid Wax Black/ White / Silver

Shining Solid Wax delivers an ultra-high gloss finish to your vehicle’s painted surfaces. With a formula that contains natural Carnauba Wax and high quality dyes, it creates a deep, lustrous shine favoured by professional auto retailers. It also forms a hard shell that keeps your vehicle looking great. It resists moisture and fading. The Shining solid Wax applies easily by hand or machine for exceptional durability, helping protect paint finishes from weather.


  • based on carnauba wax
  • for manual and mechanical processing
  • covers scratches invisibely
  • adds depth of color
  • leaves the paint finishes, incredibly clear and glossy
  • water-banding Properties persist for many months


Wash and dry vehicle. Apply on a cool clean surface, not in direct sunlight. Apply compound onto a damp applicator or cotton towel over a small area, rub into surface using a back and forth motion. Avoid circular motion. Remove excess wax before it dries. Polish lightly with a clean, dry cloth.

Available in

300g– REF. 9944