9942 Catalytic System Cleaner

Catalytic System Cleaner is a professional product of the latest generation with a universal field of application for all gasoline and diesel engine with and without DPF. Oxidizes the carbon deposits with an active, oxygen-rich, polar solvent. Cleans the intake valves, combustion chambers, Piston tops, Cylinder head, compressor and catalyst effectively and deeply from carbon and soot deposits.


  • oxidizes carbon deposits
  • cleans the entire injection and exhaust aftertreatment
  • restores the DPF and Catalytic Converter performance
  • does not contain metal ions


  • The application does not require a workshop visit. Add the can contends in the tank and fill it up to about 45L. Drive the vehicle under increased loads, in the speed range of > 4000U / M for 15 min. for every drive.
  • Applicable for preventive use as well as for problem solving. It is recommended to use the Catalytic System Cleaner at every service interval (10,000 KM) or as a solution in case of high consumption of fuel or engine malfunction.
  • applicable for all gasoline and diesel engines

Available in

300ML – REF. 9942