9921 Petrol Intake System Cleaner

The Petrol Intake System Cleaner removes typical contamination and deposits in the entire air intake, combustion and exhaust system: eliminating soot residues and carbon deposits on the working surface of the catalyst Ceramic-core converter, combustion chamber, cleans carbon deposits in the ERG valve and piston ring grooves.

To ensures reliable operation and improved performance of all gasoline engines we recommend to use this  professional treatment every 15.000 Km. It restores the optimal exhaust gases purification and decreases fuel consumption. Helps to clean the oxygen sensor electrodes (lambda probe).Its prolongs the service life of the catalytic converter and the combustion system. 


  • Dissolves gum, lacquer, tar, carbon and deposits
  • Restores perfect airflow towards the combustion chamber
  • Engine runs in a regular and stable manner while idle
  • Restores or maintains the engine performance and fuel consumption
  • Eliminates and avoids starting problems
  • Reduces black exhaust emissions
  • Positively influences the functioning of the lambda probes and the catalytic converter
  • efficiently cleans of the Air intake section: EGR-valve – idle air control valve – throttle valve and housing – Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) – inlet manifold pressure sensor – inlet valves – crankcase ventilation system.


  • Connect the infusion set with the canister.
  • Insert the infusion needle into the crankcase ventilation system hose or directly to air intake sleeve by loosening the clamp.
  • Hang the canister upside down to start the cleaning process. Adjusts the drip to 80-90 drops per minute.
  • Let the engine run in idle at 1,500 rpm approximately for 30-45 minutes. Ensure good ventilation when using the product. In case the exhaust manifold glows red due to high temperature in the catalytic converter, immediately stop the cleaning process. 

Available in

450 ML – REF. 9921