9997 MaxClean Fuel System

cleans and eliminates deposits in the entire injection system, by the highly effective additives use with unattainable effectiveness. It is a highly effective solution with the task of enabling and maintaining maximum engine power by increasing energy output and creating optimal conditions for fuel combustion. Represents a full alternative to professional cleaning of fuel injection system.


  • Eliminates deposits in the entire fuel system
  • Optimized performance, improved response
  • Smoother engine running
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Application does not require a workshop visit


  • Applicable for prevention as well for problem solving.
  • It is recommended to use Maxcleane Fuel System Cleaner every oil Service 10.000 ~ 15.000 Km.
  • We recommend using the product as a problem solution in case of failure or engine malfunction.
  • Suitable for all engine types.
  • Add the product to the tank before refuling ~50L. Drive the vehicle under normal condition.
  • Suitable for all Petrol engines including the latest generation directly injected with exhaust treatment systems

Available in

300 ML – CAN REF. 9997