9992 Contact Cleaner

Contact cleaner is a combination of special solvents and active substances for fast and effective cleaning and degreasing of contaminated and corrosive electrical contacts of any type. The product is intended for repair and maintenance of electricians and electronics of vehicles, electrical contacts, plug connections, terminals, ignition distributors, switches, battery contacts, car audio equipment, etc.. Totally neutral towards plastics, rubber and lacquers.


  • Excellent penetration Properties
  • Displaces moisture - Prevents short circuits
  • Gives water-repellent surface
  • Evaporates quickly and residue free
  • Does not contain silicone, chlorine or acetone
  • Neutral towards rubber, nylon and plastic parts


  • Cleaning and degreasing of contaminated and corrosive electrical contacts
  • Eliminates interference with signs of loose contact
  • Disconnect contacts from the power supply. Spray the products on to the contacts and leave approximately 5-10 minutes depending on the level of contamination. Contacts can be connected to the power supply 10 minutes after treatment is completed.
  • Remove dirt by a dry cloth, brush or compressed air. If the product gets to the lacquer or plastic surfaces, wipe them with a wet cloth. 

Available in

450 ML – aerosol REF. 9992
400 ML – aerosol REF. 9992X (with smart head)