9903 Headlight Professional Restoration

After 5-10 years the headlights of every vehicle become dull, brittle and even turn yellow. On the one hand this does not look appealing, on the other hand it is a safety risk due to reduced visibility.  With our product you can restore the headlights to a mint condition.

The Set contains:
1x masking tape with foil 55cm x 400cm
1x sanding block
2x wet sanding paper P600
2x wet sanding paper P1200
1x 150ml Aerosol primer for PMMA and PC plastic material headlights
1x 450ml Aerosol UV-Acryl Clear Coat scratch resistant

1. Tape the headlight with the masking tape included in the Set.
2. Moisten the headlamp with water. Start with the P600 sandpaper. Keep the headlight moist during sanding to avoid large scratches. Sand horizontally and vertically. Repeat the procedure with the P1200 sandpaper.
3. Apply a thin layer of primer on the spotlight and let it flash off for 1 minute. Then apply the clear lacquer with UV-absorber in a thin, drip-free layer and leave to flash off for 30 minutes.  2-3 coats of clear lacquer provide optimum protection. Allow to harden completely for 24h.