9974 Belt Tensioner

Belt Tensioner is formulated with advanced lubricants and additives to eliminate belt slippage and squeaking, quickly and safely. The product penetrates deeply to restore flexibility, ensuring optimal tension and preventing premature wear and tear. Protects against drying out and cracking. Easy to apply, the product provides long-lasting protection against corrosion and degradation, extending the life of your belts and enhancing the efficiency of your engine system. 


  • Penetrates into the cord fibers and provides long-term benefits
  • Eliminates squeaking and prevents belt slippage
  • Maintains and protects against aging and cracking
  • Increases grip, belt flexibility and pliability


  • For all V-, round, V-ribbed and ribbed power belts.
  • Spray side surfaces of the V-belts from approx. 20 cm and allow to act for 10 min
  • Not suitable for flat belts.

Available in

400 ML aerosol – REF. 9974